Shining a light into the darkness

As Alice used to say " it does not remove my cancer, it does not take it away but for a split second or a few minutes i am able to forget about it and enjoy making those special memories with my family and friends"  .

Amazing Alice offers children and their families the opportunity to make those precious memories that are so important and will be treasured for ever. Over the past few months we have:

  1. helped a brave young man and his family go to watch The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre " need to add quote"
  2. helped a very courageous young lady have some very well deserved online retail therapy
  3. helped a very brave young lady and her family have a VIP Longleat Keepers experience "thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts" quote from Mum and Dad
Alice bike.jpg

alice enjoying her trip to Mallorca


It is the children and their families and friends that are the reason that you all fundraise and generously donate, the money you raise enable these brave and courageous youngsters to shine that light into the darkness whilst creating #makingmemoriesprecious


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